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Skylight View

SKylight View My house was built in the early 90s. This means we moved into a 20+ year old house ready for some updating. If you’re old enough to remember the 90s, you can close your eyes and see mauve carpet, hunter green tile, wallpaper, […]

Preparing for Divine Appointments

Preparing for Divine Appointments I welcome my writer friend and women’s ministry leader, Jennifer Slattery, to my blog. Today, she discusses how self-centeredness distorts our ability to see the opportunities, the missions, God is giving us to draw people close to Him. I pray her […]

Tales from a Blended Life, Part Three

Alrighty- I’m ready to tackle the final surefire rules to help our blended families survive WITHOUT the drama! In case you missed the first two posts, I encourage you to go read them to better understand what “living a blended life” actually means, AND learn […]

Be Used…

Do you ever have a day that goes by on autopilot? You know, maybe you’ve made a checklist you supposed to get done, places you need to go, emails and phone calls you have to return, but it’s all almost monotonous? And then, at the […]